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Introducing PG FLOW SOLUTIONS' Fire Suppression Systems Department

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In a strategic move that underscores our commitment to safety and innovation, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Fire Suppression Systems department. This initiative was born out of a collaboration between dedicated professionals from a former Norwegian supplier of maritime fire suppression systems (Tyco FIS) and our seasoned team at PG Flow Solutions.

For nearly a decade, PG Flow Solutions has been the primary supplier of pumps, starters, and various key components to said supplier, and this longstanding relationship has laid a robust foundation for PG Flow Solutions to establish a department dedicated to delivering cutting-edge fire suppression solutions to the marine market - in the wake of their withdrawal.

Our newly established department is not just any team; it's a powerhouse of segment know-how, boasting a combined experience of over 45 years and a track record of more than 1500 systems successfully delivered worldwide.

We have curated a broad portfolio of products from reputable suppliers, ensuring that our gas extinguishing systems and foam products are of the highest caliber” states sales manager John Erik Andersen, adding, “We are also proud to offer water mist nozzles sourced from world-leading manufacturers and take pride in offering quality products with the required DNV approved classification."

PG Flow Solutions’ extensive expertise in engineering, automation, production, and commissioning positions us uniquely to craft bespoke fire-suppression solutions for a wide range of vessels.

Our commitment goes beyond supplying top-tier products and we are excited to present a comprehensive range of systems, complete with full documentation, including pipe calculations, electrical drawings, start-up procedures, and a broad service plan. PG’s team is not only dedicated to delivering solutions that are effective but also competitively priced and of the highest quality.


Our offerings include:

  • Diverse range of Gas Systems tailored to specific needs.
  • Specialized Dry Powder Systems designed for LNG Bunker Stations.
  • An array of Water-based Systems, including:
  • Deluge Systems (with and without foam liquid addition)
  • Helideck foam
  • Tank Deck Foam LFL*
  • LNG Tank Cooling Systems
  • High Expansion Foam Systems for critical areas like engine and pump rooms
  • Water Mist Systems for Local Application, Total Flooding for room protection, and specific solutions for Interior Passenger Areas and IMO 1430 Special Category Spaces.

PG’s commitment to you extends beyond installation; continuous life-cycle service and support is a cornerstone of our philosophy, ensuring that both new and old customers receive unparalleled assistance, guided by our extensive knowledge and access to the right parts.

Join us in this exciting new chapter as we’ll strive to set new standards in fire safety and protection. Your trust is our commitment, and together, we'll create a safer, more secure future.

Get in touch with us!

John Erik Andersen, Sales Manager Fire Suppression Systems, PG Flow Solutions

John Erik Andersen, + 47 99 27 51 18
Sales Manager Fire Suppression Systems
Contact via e-mail
John Erik has worked with Fire Suppression Systems for Offshore, Industry and Marine since 1988.

Jens Otto Martinsen, Project Manager, Fire Suppression systems, PG Flow Solutions

Jens Otto Martinsen, + 47 47 90 77 00
Project Manager Fire Suppression Systems
Contact via e-mail
Jens Otto has been working with Marine Fire Suppression Systems since 2008 and oversees engineering, design, calculations, and documentation for all projects throughout the whole process.

Kristoffer Vegdal Tadutiaux, Product Responsible Engineer, PG Flow Solutions

Kristoffer V. Tabutiaux,  +47 96 00 44 60
Product Responsible Engineer
Contact via e-mail
With a Master in Fluid Mechanics, Kristoffer has vast experience and knowledge within the field and has worked with fire suppression systems since 2014.

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