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New pump partnership signs first contract

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7 December 2021 – Norwegian liquid handling and pump specialist PG Flow Solutions has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with German pump manufacturer HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH. The partnership’s first contract is to deliver two hermetically sealed pumps to a newbuild LNG facility.

“The partnership with HERMETIC Pumpen is our response to increased customer demand for unmanned operations, lower lifecycle operating costs and green energy pump solutions,” says Steve Paulsen, CEO of PG Flow Solutions.

PG Flow Solutions has for almost 40 years supplied pump and pump systems to the marine and offshore industries globally. In the past decade, the company has successfully applied its liquid handling and pump competence to the aquaculture and fisheries industries too.

PG Flow Solutions has entered into a cooperation agreement with HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH, which is a leading developer and manufacturer of hermetically sealed pumps and pumping technologies. As part of the agreement, PG Flow Solutions will integrate HERMETIC Pumpen´s canned pumps into its market offering.

As a specialist for canned motor pumps, HERMETIC Pumpen has gained a reputation worldwide for safe and durable pumps - for the most extreme areas of application and most hazardous pumping media. The company’s canned motor pumps are suitable for fluid temperatures ranging from -160 °C up to +480 °C and system pressures up to 120 MPa. With power outputs from 1 kW to 690 kW, it offers canned motor pumps with the largest capacity on the market.

More green energy

“The market is moving towards more green energy in which both pumping of CO2 as well auxiliary pump systems for hydrogen production comes into play as key factors. Here, a canned pump solution is the technically most preferred solution,” says Erland Haugan, manager of the sales department at PG Flow Solutions.

Traditionally for clean liquids, the conventional method for a pump system with either hazardous liquids, high temperatures or high suction pressures, or a combination of these, has been to utilize double mechanical seal systems. The latter often costs the same or more than the actual pump, in addition to more frequent service intervals required. The alternative has often been to use magnetic couplings, which has restrictions in relation to lost efficiency as well increased wear from more rotating elements. In addition: the length of the installation is a challenge for both alternatives.

By utilizing a hermetically canned pump solution, the conventional mechanical seal is removed, and the customer gains a pump solution with much higher mean time between failure (MTBF) due to no contact between rotating and stationary parts as well as a more compact pump solution as the pump’s hydrodynamic bearings are the motor bearings themselves

“The operational benefits of hermetic pumps are obvious. We are already prequalified to apply the technology on unmanned oil and gas platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf,” says Erland Haugan.

LNG project

PG Flow Solutions and HERMETIC Pumpen has recently landed its first joint contract. PG Flow Solutions has been contracted to provide deliver two hermetically sealed pumps to an undisclosed newbuild LNG facility.

“This contract, which involves pumping lean amine, underlines canned pump solutions’ potential within fast-growing green energy industries,” concludes Erland Haugan.

PG Flow Solutions provides proprietary solutions, systems and products for companies within aquaculture, maritime industries, energy sectors and land-based process industries. The company’s headquarter and manufacturing facility is located in Sande, Vestfold, Norway.

HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH is a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of hermetic pump technologies. The company employs around 440 people at its headquarters in Germany and has subsidiaries in China and the USA.



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