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More PG pumps for Sølvtrans wellboats

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30 March 2022 – Aas Mek. Verksted has awarded PG Flow Solutions a contract to deliver numerous pumps to another two wellboats – NB 213 and 214 – that the Norwegian shipbuilder is constructing for wellboat company Sølvtrans.

 Earlier, Aas Mek. Verksted has also chosen PG Flow Solutions’ pumps for newbuilds 208 – 212, which are all wellboats for Sølvtrans.

“The Aas Mek. and Sølvtrans partnership has developed into a highly streamlined shipbuilding operation for wellboats. We are very pleased to be part of this value chain, which is now working like a finely tuned machine,” says Øyvind Berg, vice president of sales and marketing at PG Flow Solutions.

PG Flow Solutions will deliver eight of the company’s large seawater circulation pumps, which ensure continuous seawater circulation in the boat’s well, to each of the two wellboats. the seawater circulation pumps are highly effective and have been developed to ensure best possible animal welfare, which in turn translates to financial gain for the end-user.

PG Flow Solutions will also supply various engine room pumps that are required for the main engine and support engines, plus various other general-purpose pumps as required for operating the wellboats.

The two sister wellboats are of the yard’s own design, type AAS 3002 ST. They are 76.96 metres long, 17.80 metres wide and 5.80 metres depth moulded. Each vessel has a load capacity of 3,000 cubic metres across two wells.

“The wellboats have been designed with fish welfare in mind. Our seawater circulation pumps have been developed with an identical philosophy. The merging of our technologies therefore makes sense operationally, financially and from an animal health perspective,” adds Øyvind Berg.

The pump systems will be assembled at PG Flow Solutions’ main manufacturing facility at Sande in Vestfold, Norway, and delivered to Aas Mekaniske Verksted’s yard at Vestnes, Norway. PG Flow Solutions has not disclosed the value of the contract.

PG Flow Solutions provides proprietary solutions, systems and products for companies within the energy, maritime, aquaculture and land-based process industries. The company’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Sande, Vestfold, Norway.


Illustration of newbuilds 208 - 214 (Illustration: Aas Mek. Verksted)

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