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Investing in future generations

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PG Flow Solutions invests in future generations of industry workers, to the long-term benefit of both the company and Norwegian industryby employing the highest amount of apprentices in the company’s history.  

This autumn, two new industry apprentices embarks on their apprenticeship period at PG Flow Solutions’ headquarters in Sande in Vestfold, Norway. In total, four young people are currently in the middle of their apprenticeships at the company.  

This is the highest apprenticeship figure ever for PG Flow Solutions. 

“We are committed to ensuring that we have the necessary competence available for the coming decades. Bringing in young, keen and skilful apprentices is our way of contributing to the continued development of Norway as an industrial nation and the future success of PG Flow Solutions,” says Anja Fagerås, HR manager at PG Flow Solutions.  

Today, PG Flow Solutions is an approved apprenticeship employer within three different professions: automation, industrial mechanic and CNC operator. These are the apprentices currently on PG Flow Solutions’ books:  

Industrial mechanics 

A two-year apprenticeship programme which PG Flow Solutions has participated in for several years. Eivind Grimsgård has recently started his two-year apprenticeship. Kim Olsen has completed his first year, while Tinn Johansen has just completed his second year and will now embark on a bachelor degree in product development.  


PG Flow Solutions has recently been approved as apprenticeship employer for the automation apprenticeship. The first apprentice on this programme is Jørgen Midje, who started his 1.5 year apprenticeship in August.  

CNC operator 

Another first for PG Flow Solutions. Oliver Lindhøy is the company’s first ever CNC operator apprentice 

“We currently have several permanent employees that have previously been apprentices here. We hope that we can add to this number by offering permanent employment to more apprentices in the coming years. We are very pleased with the attitude and performance they continue to show,” adds Anja Fagerås.  

PG Flow Solutions has also initiated the process to become approved apprenticeship employer within welding and sheet metal work.  


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