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Information to customers and suppliers: We are merging

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Dear customers and suppliers,

PG Flow Solutions AS is pleased to announce that PG Flow Solutions AS merges with its parent company as a part of the corporate group reorganization. With this merger we seek to simplify the corporate group structure and administrative work. This merger is expected to take effect on September 7, 2020.

The company name PG Flow Solutions AS will be transferred to the merged company following the merger. Bank connection (Nordea), bank account number, visiting address and invoice address will also remain unchanged after the merger. The only thing that will change following the merger is the organization number, where the new organization number for PG Flow Solutions AS will be 924 727 454.

The merger will have no consequences for you as a customer/supplier: all agreements and obligations will automatically be transferred to the merged company without any changes, and you can rely on the same agreement as you have had with PG Flow Solutions AS until now, with the exact same rights and obligations.


For customers:

Due to the change in the organization number, we kindly ask you to assess whether the new organization number will have any consequences for the registration of PG Flow Solutions AS in your supplier database and, if necessary, to contact your dedicated contact person in PG Flow Solutions AS for further actions.


For suppliers:

Invoices that have already been issued or are to be issued before September 7 shall be issued as usual. Invoices that are to be issued on or after September 7 shall be issued using the new organization number via PEPPOL or autoinvoice as follows:

  • PEPPOL – 9908: 924727454
  • Autoinvoice –

We look forward to continuing our good cooperation, and should you have any further questions, please, contact your dedicated contact person in PG Flow Solutions AS.

Kind regards,
Steve Paulsen, CEO
PG Flow Solutions AS

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