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Aquarius goes for PG’s silage agitators

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Norwegian fish feed producer Aquarius AS has awarded a contract to PG Flow Solutions to deliver eight hydraulically driven agitators to the company’s tanks that process silage from the white fish industry.

The silage, which derives from biproduct from the white fish industry, is later used for producing fish feed for the aquaculture industry. Fish protein concentrate and fish oil are among Aquarius’ most important products.

Vestfold-based PG Flow Solutions will supply eight PG-Submix silage agitators to Aquarius’ facility at Lovund, Helgeland in Norway. The agitators are acid-proof because of the low pH-values in silage. PG-Submix is a slow moving, paddle-type propeller with large diameter range and high torque, which amongst other things contributes towards reducing a bone deposition issue of more than 200 tonnes of bone per year.PG-Submix-80-til-VEAS-4-e1553497080125-225x300

PG Flow Solutions has previously delivered one silage agitator to Aquarius. Elimination of the former bone deposition problems, plus the system’s excellent operational track record, has resulted in Aquarius placing a new order for eight units.

The agitators are placed at the bottom of the silage tanks to prevent silage settling at the bottom of the tank. The advantage with the PG-Submix silage agitator is that it does not leave any “blind spots” in the tank, as the agitator slowly pushes the silage towards the bottom of the tank, where the highest velocity is needed, and then up against the walls of the tank. This ensures that the silage is kept in continuous suspension.

PG Flow Solutions has not disclosed the value of the contract.

“Aquarius’ fish feed production is sustainability and circular economy in practice as the company utilises biproducts from the fishery and aquaculture industries to create values for both the local society, the company itself and its customers. We are proud to contribute with our technology at its facility,” says Are Hjertvik, vice president of sales at PG Flow Solutions.

PG-Submix agitators can be utilised in all processes where continuous suspension of liquid in tanks are required. It can be supplied as hydraulically driven as well as in an electrohydraulic (Submix-E) version, in all material qualities such as carbon steel, acid-proof, duplex and superduplex.

“We have developed and delivered PG Submix agitators to more than 1,500 offshore vessels in the past 40 years, used amongst other things for treatment of mud from drilling operations. However, the principle of keeping fluids in motion is the same everywhere. We have a product that has demonstrated its operational reliability over hundreds of thousands of hours, which is why we were chosen as supplier to Aquarius,” says Are Hjertvik.

PG Flow Solutions provides proprietary solutions, systems and products for companies within the energy, maritime, aquaculture and land-based process industries. The heritage of the business is pumps and pumping systems. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Sande, Vestfold, Norway. Its subsidiary Calder Ltd operates out of a similar facility in Worchester outside Birmingham, UK, while subsidiary Cflow Fish Handling AS operates out of Aalesund, Norway.


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